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MOTOWN, NORTHERN SOUL & retro events

The LORD HILL HOTEL enjoyed its golden years as Shrewsbury’s most iconic ‘Saturday Night Dance Venue’ between 1970 and 1978. SOLID GOLD had the pleasure to present the evenings, where the music, the dancefloor and the people, combined to produce an incredible atmosphere. 

Since those great days SOLID GOLD has organised many REVIVAL events in Shropshire, featuring the music from that era, including MOTOWN & NORTHERN SOUL, bringing those well know classics together with the occasional rare gem!

The very last LORD HILL REVIVAL EVENT took place on 23rd Novemenber 2019 and it was great evening, tinged with some sadness as the hotel’s fate was already secured and they closed their doors for the last time in January 2020.

Cat Rescue Donation

The event was such a success we were able to make a donation to THE SHROPSHIRE CAT RESCUE. 

I took the opportunity to present them with a giant cheque for £1,210.00, at their annual volunteers night.

The amount also included the proceeds of a raffle held on the night.